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From Big Law to Yogi... Life Coach Erica Cannon Shares the Key to Quieting Your Mind!

Episode Summary

Are you disillusioned with what from the outside looks like the "perfect" career? At the age of 29, Erica Cannon, disenchanted with the life she had chosen for herself despite reaching every goal she had set – attending the top-tiered schools, working for the best law firms in the sexiest practice areas, making lots of money – she woke up to the realization that not only was she suffering from anxiety in both work and social situations, she had also been depressed for two decades. This awakening led her to change her entire life. She now aspires to help as many others as she can to live from that awakened, joyful place that she found. Are you ready? Let's get to it!

Episode Notes

Erica Cannon, former Big Law attorney and current life coach and yoga instructor, found the courage to live a life of freedom and ease. After finding herself so wrapped up in achieving for achievement's sake she barely noticed the years of strain on her mental health. Being surrounded by so many other highly strung people in the law firm environment, she thought anxiety was normal. She felt a strong pull to leave her career as a corporate lawyer in DC and start a spiritual journey that had been a quiet whisper for as long as she could remember.

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